Trees planted in Madagascar to date: 115,163

Why Our Giftbooks


The Magic Of Giftbooks

Our giftbooks we like to see as more than mere books. They are bundles of energy that connect people though the act of giving. They make unique gifts that will be treasured and long remembered when other gift products like wine or flowers are a distant memory. Our giftbooks have a special place where you can write that little message so that your gift can leave a special space in the heart of those lucky enough to receive it. Don’t underestimate the power of words to make a difference in the lives of the receiver. Over the years we have received numerous messages from people who have given our giftbooks to friends, colleagues and loved ones and the impact that it had on their lives. Our giftbooks we believe fall into the hands of those that need them most at the very moment that they need to read a certain message. The messages that they contain are inspiring, often soothing when we need it the most, and sometimes the words may challenge our beliefs and help us to see a different way that may help us through our life’s challenges.

Greeting Books™

Our giftbooks are perfect gifts for all kinds of occasions – for birthdays, as thank you’s, as a way to celebrate a special occasion or milestone in a person’s life, or to help them through a rough patch in life. After all we all we all go through rough patches, and our little giftbooks can help to smooth out those edges. Whether it is a daughter giving a giftbook to their mother on Mother’s Day, or a friend giving it to someone going through an illness or challenging time, our little giftbooks are universally loved and appreciated. Our giftbooks with their unique built-in greeting card make a gift and greeting card in one and will ensure that your special message will never be forgotten. In fact, we like to call these perfect gifts ‘greeting books’.


Our Vision

Our vision has been to create giftbooks that resonate with people, connect them and enrich their lives. To create products that have a deeper purpose behind them. Products that allow people all over the world to engage with and help shape all our futures. We all have a responsibility to ensure that this planet remains sustainable for all future life, and businesses have an even greater part with the carbon footprint that they produce. At The Next Big Think we are acutely aware of this.

Our philosophy is that if you are going to do something then do it well. Our giftbooks are superbly crafted using quality papers and inks that is evident from the moment that you pick up one of our books. This attention to detail creating exceptional quality is just one of the reasons that our greeting books have become bestsellers.


Our Commitment


Vision of GREENdeur
We are committed to helping support the protection of the Earth’s unique flora and fauna, and a percentage of each giftbooks sold goes to the reforestation of dry deciduous forests and mangrove systems in Madagascar. By purchasing our products you are also helping to provide ongoing employment to villagers thus breaking their cycle of poverty brought about by environmental destruction. We have a great vision to be part of the great vision to transform Madagascar from red island where massive deforestation sees its value top soil being washed into the ocean and having caused massive environmental degradation, not to mention loss of habitat and extinction of many of the island’s truly unique plant and animal species, to the green island it once was. Our goal is to raise funds through the sale of our giftbooks to plant 1 Million Trees In 10 Years. It is a great vision, one that we call our Vision of GREENdeur. Help us to make a difference one book at a time.


   FSC Logo 

FSC Certified Paper
All of our giftbooks are printed using Earth friendly soy and vegetable inks on FSC certified paper. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper ensures that every time you purchase one of our books you help contribute to conservation, responsible management, and community level benefits for people near the forests that provide the paper. As a company who uses paper in their products we are acutely aware of having a minimal impact on the environment and know that this is important to our partners and customers alike. By using FSC Certified Paper you can be assured that we are not contributing to the destruction of old growth forests in the production of our giftbooks.



   Keepsakes Logo 

Whenever you see our unique Keepsakes™ logo or Keepsakes™ heart key logo it is a reminder to be aware of our consumer habits. There is a paradigm shift happening in the world that is making us aware of our consumer habits and the impact that this has on others and the environment. It’s more than being aware of our environmental carbon ‘footprint’ , it’s all about seeing with heart and the lasting legacy it brings. It is about slowing down and being grateful for all you have and all you buy. Our giftbooks are meant to last and to be kept and treasured, for the words they contain are precious and will be there throughout our lives. Keepsakes above all is about taking a moment to see how everything we buy or gifts we are given create a web of connections.

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