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Why Opt for Traditional Greeting Cards

In the film 500 Days of Summer, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who works for a greeting card company, had this to say when asked what made him go from architecture to creating greeting cards: “I guess I just figured, why make something disposable like a building when you can make something that lasts forever, like a greeting card.” In this age of emails and social media sites, people no longer feel the need to go to bookstores and rummage through cards that will tell exactly how they feel. In fact, due to Facebook, people stopped jotting down the birthdays of friends and loved ones—they rely on the notifications appearing on their timeline, then they scribble a hurried greeting on the person’s wall. Gone were the days of thoughtful messages and sweet words dedicated to those close to our hearts.

This is not a hate campaign against the internet, of course; the World Wide Web gave us blogging platforms like Tumblr to express ourselves, and online gaming sites such as Cheekybingo for our daily dose of challenging amusement. Yet the romantic and idealistic in us just won’t budge; we believe that deep within, we are still the traditional type who want to put thoughts into words, from pen to paper. This may not be the practical way to do it, and it might be easier to just type away thoughtless comments to the people within our social circles, but trust us on this: cards, when given, will still make the recipient go “aww…”, not to mention give them a warm glow on the inside.

In these times of technological advancement when we are no longer expected to go the extra mile or to make an effort, handing over a well-thought out greeting card will be a pleasant surprise. Trust us, it will make a big difference, to both the giver and the recipient.

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