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The Grain Series are exquisitely designed for the men who enrich our lives

What men want

Finding the perfect card for men isn’t easy
Have you ever gone to a gift shop or newsagent looking for that perfect greeting card for your husband, brother, or father only to be deeply disappointed with the offering?
If you are a retailer, you may want to take heed. Women on average spend about 20 minutes looking for greeting cards. Price is not the main deciding factor in the decision to buy one greeting card over another. It is the card’s relevance. Does the card say what I want it to say? Does it express what I feel? Does it do it in a tasteful and not tacky way? Is it respectful of the person I’m giving it to? These are just some of the questions going through the card buyer’s mind.

Greeting cards communicate and connect us
Subconsciously, the card buyer may be thinking – will this card help to maintain and grow the relationship that I have with the receiver of this greeting card? Greeting cards are all about strengthening the relationships we have in our lives. They can communicate thing that we don’t have the words or courage to say. They can bridge the gaps in our communication creating heart-felt connections. As humans we are social animals and the need to connect with others is core to who we are. In fact, connecting with others may be the single most important way I believe to maintain your level of happiness. When we feel ‘connected’ with others and ourselves, and not alone, it is difficult to not feel good.

Happynets is a term we coined 2 years ago to define the network of relationships we create in our lives that keep us happy. Happynets is literally, ‘One’s network of happyness’. To go with the metaphor further, we are ‘fishers of happyness’. By maintaining our nets or network, by regularly communicating with those relationships that matter to us in meaningful ways, such as through gift and greeting card giving, we strengthen those nets and have more of a chance of maintaining our level of happyness.

Be a connector
Are you making it easy for your customers to buy from you? Are you providing them with cards that are relevant to their lives and the relationships they want to maintain. As a retailer you have a role in maintaining your customer’s happynets. In fact, the better job you do of helping your customers maintain their happynets, the better off your business will be. It may be time to take a good look at the greeting cards that you stock and to ask your customers what they would and wouldn’t buy for their friends and family. You may also want to ask them which, if any of the current mens cards would they purchase for the men in their lives.

By speaking with your customers you may very well find that you may be losing valuable business as they look elsewhere for mens cards that firstly appeal to them and the men in their lives. Their search may lead them out of your store and possibly into the store of your competitors and their search may still be fruitless.

What greeting cards retailers in the UK want

A survey of 750 retail members conducted by PG/Cardgains in the UK late last year asked the question:

In which card categories would you like to see more choice?

“We want more male cards” was the loud cry from respondents this year who topped the product choice ‘wish list’ by a mile.

Page 57, “Taking The Pulse: PG/Cardgains Retail Barometer”, Progressive Greetings Worldwide, Feb 2012

The problem with existing mens cards
At The Next Big Think we did a lot of market research and found that men’s cards is a big gripe amongst greeting card customers. Most greeting cards for men out there are antiquated and don’t reflect the changing face of men. Even 90 year old grandfathers are not interested in receiving a greeting card with a vintage car, bottles of wine, golf clubs, or a card showing or implying women’s breasts. For too long, greeting card companies have thought that there is a small men’s cards market. That may have been the case many years ago, but even then it is difficult to believe, as half the population are men and the other half that buy 80% of greeting cards are the primary person involved in maintaining relationships. Most men’s cards stereotype men and see men simply as beer guzzling, sex crazed cavemen that have failed to evolve. It is the suppliers of greeting cards that have failed to evolve with the changing times and male demographics.

Changing the way we look at men
Cards For Men™ is the new brand that we have created at The Next Big Think as we aim to change the way that we look at men. Men are part of women’s lives. They have feelings and women do respect them. They enrich women’s lives with their presence and contribution. The Grain series within the Cards For Men™ range are crafted with respect. They highlight the contribution that men make towards enriching our lives. The stunning range of earthy and natural finishes say it with style. Finally a contemporary range of greeting cards for men has arrived.

It’s time to listen to your customers
NOW is the time to listen to what your customers want. Women want greeting cards for men that speak to them and the men in their lives. Contact myself or Heidi and we can help you to begin to make the change to giving your customers what they want beginning with stocking our latest range of the Grain series greeting cards from the Cards For Men™ brand.

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