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Top Designers’ Secrets Revealed

There is only a few days left for your chance to get your very own signed copy  of Top Designers’ Secrets Revealed (RRP $29.95) when you take out an annual subscription to Desktop magazine. We teamed up with the good people at Desktop magazine, one of Australia’s leading design magazines, to come up with this offer, which is valid till the end of January 2013.

If you miss out on this offer not to worry, simply pop on over to our Top Designers’ Secrets Revealed website and order you copy online which I will personally sign.

We created this book as we felt there was a need for design students, design graduates and those who have an interest in design to find information and inspiration from the stories of successful designers. This is not a glossy coffee table book with beautiful design images. Instead you will find real life stories and interviews of what it takes to become successful in the design industry and to be inspired to know that anything is possible if we are willing to put the secrets you learn from this book in practice.

 Learn The Secrets of Design Success

Top Designers’ Secrets Revealed gives you the inside secrets on how the industry’s leading designers turned their passion into their profession and how you can too. You will discover: how you can become a top designer, even if you can’t draw, which field of design best suits your personality and passion, what steps you need to take to become a successful designer, how to turn your creative ideas into a successful business, where to begin your amazing journey in design and where it can take you, how some of the Australia’s top designers started out and what their secrets to success are.

This book gives you all the ‘real-life’ information you need from the experts in a range of design disciplines such as: Shoe Design, Video Game Design, Car Design, Costume Design, Font Design, Jewelry Design and much more… If you want to know how you can spend each day being creative, having fun and getting paid lots of money to do it, you need to buy this book!

Top Designers Secrets Revealed (RRP $29.95)         Top Designers Secrets Revealed (RRP $29.95)

Real People Real Stories

You will also find out how:

• a young woman with a weakness for stilettos, turned her fascination of footwear into a multi-million dollar empire that sees the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Moss lining up for a pair of her pumps. to become the one and only designer that the world’s biggest companies such as Qantas Airlines, Kleenex and Gatorade go to for their logo designs and branding strategy.

• a young man with a passion for nature, turned his love for all things green into a multi-million dollar company that even had the Queen walking through one of his landscape designs.

• a 19 year old with no formal qualifications turned her passion for jewelry into a multi-million dollar empire that sees the likes of P!nk and Eva Mendes adorning her exquisite creations. a financially struggling stay at home mum, became one of the fashion industry’s leading designers with Hollywood A-listers such as Kate Hudson swooning over her stunning pieces.

Top Designers’ Secrets Revealed is published by Freedom Press, an imprint of The Next Big Think.

Top Designers' Secrets Revealed by David Cuschieri

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