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Greetings Earthlings - It's time for change

NOW is the time for change even if it’s alien to you

Welcome to our new and improved website. Below is our first blog post that describes the challenges that we all face in our businesses in this difficult economy.

It’s time to change
Change is something that most retailers are averse to as are their suppliers. Often we hear that ‘this is the way it’s always been done’. Yet what may have worked once may not necessarily work in today’s fast changing world. Retailers are meeting many challenges as the way their customers think change. It is up to suppliers and retailers to meet these challenges head on if we are to thrive in the new world of doing business.

A change in greeting cards is coming
Change is something at The Next Big Think that we are used to. Everyday sees us constantly changing our paradigms. Yes, it can be scary and a little bit frightening to not always have a firm grip on where things are at – equally it can be exciting and open up new doors. Riding on the back of the success of our greeting books, we are about to open up a new door of opportunity as we are set to launch 7 exciting ranges of greeting cards which will change the way we look at greeting cards forever. It’s a big statement, but at The Next Big Think we are big on ideas and ways of looking at things differently.

It’s DIFFERENCE that makes the difference to the bottom line
Difference is something that is sadly lacking in the greeting card industry. Difference is what is needed. If ever there was a time to think differently, it is now. Retailers in general are worried about the fall in consumer confidence and spending. Savings are up and spending is down. Consumers are a lot more savvy and conscious about where every dollar goes. This doesn’t mean that they necessarily are just looking for bargains. No, they are looking for value. They are looking for brands that have depth and meaning, brands that speak to them and understand them.

Business as usual no longer works in a changing world
‘Business as usual’ in today’s market is a surefire way to retail damnation. What is required is a fresh new approach to the way you have been doing business. It is a time to try new products and try out new ideas rather than hold tight to what once worked and no longer works. Worry can drive retailers to make decisions which don’t actually have any rationale. If a product isn’t selling well, retailers would in general keep selling the same product and see ever diminishing returns than inject new life and interest in their stores. As we all have heard before, the definition of insanity is to do the same thing again and again and expecting different results. The only way to achieve different results is to actually do something different.

Blue ocean
Apple is a company that reinvented itself at a time when Microsoft dominated the personal computer market. Rather than compete against the billion dollar giant, Apple decided to sail on its own ocean. It changed the way we communicated with the release of the iPhone, combining mobile phone technology with the internet. By thinking outside of the square, by seeing what customers wanted, they were able to create a new paradigm, a new market that previously didn’t exist. It may be time in this increasingly difficult market to change your mindset and think ‘How can I do things differently?’

Time to change is NOW
Are you a retailer that will rise to the economic challenges of our time or poke your head in the sand doing the same old same old waiting for the economy to improve, only to slowly see your profits erode and your business fail? The best time to change is always NOW.

Taking on a new perspective
NOW is the time to embrace the new. Your customers are always looking for NEW and DIFFERENT. At The Next Big Think we don’t just pay lip service to these words – we innovate. One of our creative approaches to come up with something different is to imagine being a martian who has come to Earth. By looking from the outside in, the bleedingly obvious becomes bleedingly obvious.

What men want
From our findings we have found that some market sectors are not well catered for. One of these is men’s cards. It is traditionally believed that men’s cards aren’t a big seller. Yes traditionally that may have been true. Many large greeting card companies stick to this generally accepted knowledge as truth. Many large greeting card companies however fail to take into account the shifting dynamics of society. Men are now expecting MORE. For so long they have been discriminated by greeting card companies stereotyping them and feeding them old fashioned antiquated cards of sailing boats, golf clubs, vintage cars, bottles of wine and funny cards with women’s privates showing. I will stop my rant here only to say that what men want has changed. What women want for their men has also changed. Women WANT to find greeting cards for the men in their lives that speak to them and show respect for their men. In future posts we will introduce you to our new range of greeting cards for men that do just that – that cater for men and equally as important, appeal to the woman buyer (who is 80% of the greeting card buying market).

See you at the Reed Gift Fair in Sydney
At The Next Big Think we are in the business of making a difference and we look forward to meeting you at our stand A1084 at the Reed Gift Fair at Darling Harbour from 25th – 29th February 2012. We are busily preparing for the launch of our new greeting card ranges and to meeting and greeting you Earthlings!

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