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The Next Big Think greeting cards go wild

The Next Big Think Greeting Cards Go WILD!

WILD with excitement: The last month since returning from our launch at the Sydney Reed Gift Fair has seen us go from strength to strength as we introduce our greeting card ranges to retailers throughout Australia. Recently we began negotiations with The Wild Retail Group to introduce our unique ranges to Wild Cards and Gifts franchisees.

Test run: We began with a pilot run in Wild’s Melbourne CBD store. The greeting cards have done well and the first thing we noticed after seeing the set up was that the ranges really ‘pop’ out at you.

The Next Big Think to go nation-WILD: After positive results we look forward to introducing our greeting card ranges to other Wild Cards & Gifts stores nationwide and help to build their businesses.

New isn’t enough: Our vision is to create a unique branded offering of greeting cards and as customers become familiar with our greeting cards to then provide them with further products within these brands. We look forward to going wild and providing products that connect people and touch their heart and possibly even tickle their funny-bone.We don’t believe it is enough to simply come up with ‘new’ products just because that is what the market demands. Creating new products that are the same old same old isn’t what the market will embrace.

Less ‘fluff’ and ‘stuff’: At The Next Big Think we look forward to bringing to market unique and meaningful products, products that aren’t just adding more ‘stuff’ into the world, but products that make a difference in people’s lives. Products that connect people and enhance their relationships. We are focused on creating brands that help us live better more meaningful lives.

Presents can give us the gift of ‘presence’: There is enough ‘noise’ out there and our products are about creating presence, about creating special moments, moments when we feel present to life. A gift or a greeting card can help us achieve a sense of presence as we are focused on the moment of joy when we open our gift or greeting card. Isn’t it funny that presents have the ability to give us presence, albeit for a moment till we are distracted by the next big thing.

Thank you: We are very grateful to The Wild Retail Group for their support and enthusiasm in our company and our unique products and we look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship with you.

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