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What people are saying about our giftbooks:

Thank you so much, I sent my sister interstate your book “ Sisters “ she just rang and was so touched by it she was in tears. We do not see each other that much these days because of the
distance so it was so SPECIAL.
Beverly Harich, QLD, Australia

I discovered your books in the gift shop in Milton when I was down that way visiting my son & family. Loved the one I bought so much decided to buy 2 more!
Penny E, NSW, Australia

A sincere thank you for publishing your books. My life over the past 2.5 years has been exceptionally stressful. I have lost 5 family members including my wife and I have found your books moving, inspirational and just plain ‘down to earth’ – really hard to put descriptive words on how they make me feel. I find that you can open up any page at any time and get pleasure from them.
Ross Cochrane, Southport, QLD, Austraila

Mum gave me a copy of your Happiness book for Christmas and I loved it so much she asked me to get her two more copies for some other friends! Best wishes and thanks for such a beautiful book I thoroughly enjoy it.
Lynne Y, NSW, Australia

I have a mate that is having a hard time having to cope with Melanomas and other health issues, I sent him your “HUGS “ book he rang the same evening saying how it touched him so much and is what he needed.  I cannot thank you enough it is what the WORLD needs, human compassion. There is not enough of it these day, so THANK YOU once again.
Will H, QLD, Australia

I picked up The Little Book of Happiness with the adorable cat on the cover and keep it on my deskat work and it makes me smile every morning on my arrival to work.
Denise Gracie, Woollongong, NSW, Australia

Our store has been selling ‘The Little Book of Happiness’ and it has been selling extremely well. Our customers love the books and the feedback has been fantastic. On average we have been selling 5 copies per week and I have already placed an order for 20 more of each of the other titles in the series when they are in stock soon. I have been very happy with the service and the quality of their products is outstanding.
Anthony McNamara, Nextra Newsagency, Robina, QLD, Australia

It must be very rewarding for you to know that you bring so much pleasure to people with your beautiful ranges of books. Thank you. Regards and Happy Days.
Rita B, SA, Australia