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Short Message Series

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The Short Message Series
™ is fun, witty, humorous and very texty. When a text message just won’t cut it (or you want to confuse the sh#t out of an oldie), these cards say it with love and lots of laughs.

Mobile phones have become almost like another limb to our body and if we lose our phone, it is almost as if our whole world is collapsing around us in an instant! The advent of text messages has allowed us to communicate instantly and cheaply, and the ubiquitous beeping sound of receiving a text message is like an adrenalin rush. However great a text message might be, it can’t compare to the warmth of receiving a specially hand-written greeting card. So when you want to say it with fun, style and laughter, say it with the Short Message Series of greeting cards.

Feeling texty?

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Send us your very own original cool text lingo and it may just make it onto one of our future greeting cards or merchandise. Simply enter your details in the form to the left.

* Please note: by entering your information and your own original text lingo, you grant The Next Big Think Pty Ltd and all its subsidiaries to use this lingo on our published greeting cards and/or other merchandise. You still however retain copyright and we will happily attribute you as the author of the lingo/wording/quotation on any printed paper products and merchandise that we manufacture and distribute. [/one_half_last]