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Sleeping Cuties Featured In Greetings & Gifts

Check out the November/December 2013 issue of Greetings and Gifts magazine and you will find our latest gift book series, Sleeping Cuties featured in there.

There are two titles in the series:

Cat Napping: A Cat’s Guide To Slowing Down and Doggie Dreaming: A Dog’s Guide To Living In The Moment, are the perfect present this Christmas to give to friends and relatives to remind them to slow down a little and smell the catnip. The Silly Season make these books as the perfect gift even more as it is the time when we rush around and work ourselves up into a lather of frenzy to make sure we have got everything right for Christmas. These books are about slowing down, going with the flow and enjoying what comes.

Order Now For Christmas

Cat Napping and Doggie Dreaming are available to retailers now for Christmas through Wild Eagle Trading on 03 9562 0266 or visit their website at
Recommended retail price is $19.95.

Sleeping Cuties: Cat Napping and Doggie Dreaming

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