Trees planted in Madagascar to date: 115,163


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Parshwa is our web developer and without him you wouldn’t be able to read what you are reading now. It is a wonderful feeling to come across someone who says very little but does so much. A person who you feel that just below the surface there is greatness and brilliance. This is Parshwa. He is the quiet ACHIEVER. Greatness can be achieved not by telling you how wonderful you are and doing little but by saying little and humbly and slowly working away in the background. Often what one sees of an iceberg is just the tip of what what lies beneath.

Often we hear in the news about the overnight success of some great talent. But rarely do we learn about the challenges and struggles and sheer hard work it took to become ‘talented’ and successful. Parshwa makes everything seem effortless and no challenge seems to hard for him to conquer. Yet we sense the weight of knowledge, work and experience that goes into every action he takes. Parshwa is a master in his field, and his mastery is evidenced by his patience as we learn how to work things at the back end of the website.

When you buy our giftbooks and greeting cards online at our shop,, and see how effortless it is to browse through the shop and finalise your order, spare a thought for the thousands of combined hours and experience that web developers the world over have put into making the internet the incredible experience that it is.