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Lucia works for the company that supplies the merchandising stands for our greeting cards that go into shops. Because of the excellent merchandising stands that make our greeting cards ‘stand out’ or become ‘outstanding’ and the wonderful service she provides we feel blessed to have Lucia as part of the story of our greeting cards. Lucia is incredibly efficient and gets back to us with any queries in a timely way and is very courteous.

Heidi has been corresponding with her for a few months and has got to know her and have formed a special friendship with her. Her bubbliness and warmth is infectious and reinforces in our minds that we are on the right track with the work we are doing.

Lucia was born and grew up in inner Mongolia, the third largest province in China. She has a little brother, 15 years her junior. Lucia lives in the beautiful garden city of Xiamen, which is one of the four special economic zones in China.

Though Lucia lives in another country with a different culture it is the need to connect with others that makes the distance disappear. We look forward on our next overseas trip to someday meet Lucia.

She is pregnant and her, her husband and family look forward to the imminent birth.

Lucia and her warmth of character has formed an outstanding part of the story that is our greeting cards. Next time you are in a shop that sells our greeting cards, like us, just stand their for a moment and think about the woman with a big heart and smile that played her part in their creation so that you are able to notice our greeting cards and hold them in your hand.