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LOL Range of Cards Stand Out From The Crowd

They say laughter is the best medicine and it isn’t hard to understand why. A good laugh can lower your blood pressure, can make you forget your worries and can often make everything seem not so bad. Laughter has a way of softening the edges of life. If you are ready to laugh out loud, or at least bring a smile to your face, check out our new Laugh Out Loud greeting card series which we have just installed at newsXpress at Pacific fair on the Gold Coast.

We all have our own unique brand of humour. One person’s joke may not bring even a smile to another person’s face. With the Laugh Out Loud range of greeting cards we have catered for a number of people’s sense of humour. The display houses the following series of humorous greeting cards:

Addicted To Face:
This series of cards appeals to a wide audience. In fact, 1 in 13 people on Earth is on Facebook. Some people refuse to join this social media website. In fact, Facebook has had an effect of connecting people and polarising others. It’s the polarising effect that becomes an environment where humor can thrive. Whether you think Facebook is a FAD or you have FAD (Facebook Addiction Disorder) I’m sure you will have a laugh.

You’ve Got Male:
Let’s face it, men and women are different. They look different, their plumbing is different, they think different and often do different things (men are often doing stupid things). These differences are what we love about each other and at times can annoy us. You’ve Got Male will leave you in tears as these cards explore this battle of the sexes.

Sweet & sour Puss:
Sweet & Sour Puss can be, as the name suggests, both sweet and sour. She is young, pretty, smart, sassy and ditzy at the same time. She can be very fickle and in the same breath very deep and meaningful in what she says. She is such a glorious contradiction of terms and much more. She can be very vain and self-absorbed and at the same time she can do or say something that warms your heart. She can be very cutting and sarcastic, yet she can think and say the most sweetest things. She is a girl and a woman wrapped in one. She is painfully insecure and yet won’t let you pull the wool over her eyes. Just when you think you know her she will do something that leaves you speechless. She may remind you of someone you know. It is this relate-ability that makes her funny.
She expresses the things that we’d like to say but can’t find the words; the things we wish we could say; and the things we actually do say.

Short Message Series:
These contemporary greeting cards are about the text message language we use that often baffle some of the older generation. They are fun, witty, humorous and very texty. These cards have translations so that they may be shared between young and old alike.

LOL range of greeting cards stand out from the crowd:
Laughter has a way of connecting people, and as with all our products, the LOL range is about bringing people together in meaningful ways. Laughter is a meaningful way. Laughter has a way of lightening a mood and relieving tension.

Have you ever entered a room that you could cut the tension with a knife? Then someone who is bright and cheerful walks into the room and all of a sudden the mood has changed. The person is smiling and tells a joke and people are smiling.

Our LOL range of greeting cards are like this person entering the room. They stand out from the crowd. With their bright colours that pop, and their unique brand of humour, expect the LOL range of greeting cards to get your customers smiling and in the mood to get the cash register ringing.

Laugh Out Loud range of humorous greeting cards stand out from the crowd
Laugh Out Loud range of humorous greeting cards with their unique brand of humour and colour stand out from the crowd


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