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Light-Farted Humour Creates Quite A Stir

The Addicted To Face range of greeting cards have created quite a stir in the greeting card and gift industry with some of the major greeting card suppliers sitting up and beginning to notice us. It’s almost like farting in a packed out place, you soon begin to stand out from the crowd!

This range appeals to a wide customer base, from Generation Y to Baby Boomers, to those who embrace Facebook and the internet, to those who stubbornly resist the tide of technology and social media.

In the latest edition of Greetings and Gifts our iconic iFarted greeting card is featured in the What’s Hot Right Now Awards. iFarted takes a ‘light-farted’ look at Facebook and Apple ‘i’ products to come up with a witty gag that makes women giggle as they purchase it for a male receiver in mind, and from all accounts leaves males in fits of laughter.

If you would like to have your customers rolling in the aisles and hear the sweet melodious sound of ‘CA-CHING’ at the cash register, simply contact us. The Addicted To Face currently contains 12 designs with more designs scheduled for next year.

In mid-September this year just in time for Christmas we will be releasing new ATF stationery at a price point that is sure to keep your customers smiling and you too.

Light-Farted Humour Creates Quite A Stir


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