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You Are Beautiful by David and Heidi Cuschieri

Latest Gift Book ‘You Are Beautiful’ Featured In Australian Gift Guide

You Are Beautiful by David and Heidi Cuschieri

Check out our latest gift book, You Are Beautiful, as featured in the Australian Gift Guide.

You Are beautiful is the first book in our brand new series, Life Is beautiful. The series is a celebration of humanity and what it is to be human. Through the eyes of little girls, readers are taken on a journey into the innocence and wonder of childhood to re-discover the incredible qualities we are all born with.

You Are Beautiful delves into the subject of beauty and how as children girls are often free of self consciousness to a large extent in regards to their body image. They enjoy putting on make up and pretty dresses and dream f being movie stars. But something happens along the journey into adolescence that changes this. That self-confidence is often replaced by feelings of inferiority and not feeling that one is beautiful enough.

This book is targeted at all women and girls. In an age where bullying has become a growing concern, this book hopes to reconnect girls and women to their inner beauty. To their true worth.

You Are Beautiful is set for release early April 2014.

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