Trees planted in Madagascar to date: 115,163

Be Part Of The Story


Have you ever thought about all the people and their stories that go behind the products you buy?

Our books and cards are made by real people. Our books and greeting cards have stories well before they reach you. They are filled with energy – people and their energy, people and their stories. We honour these people each day for the richness and energy they give to our lives. These people are ordinary people like you and I. Yet we all are unique and have our own story. When we begin to acknowledge and give thanks, what we are really doing is creating more thought and good energy. Gratitude isn’t just a word. When we are grateful and we think of all those that have made it possible for us to enjoy what we do today we feel ‘full of greatness’ – we feel great and connected.

These people that we honour form part of our lives as publishers and without them our business and lives would have been so different. When you receive one of our books take a moment and think about those around you and savour the thought and energy of not only the people that created it but pause for an extra moment and be grateful for the person who gave it to you, who spent the time and thought to select it and write something inside, take a moment to be grateful for having them in your life.

To all of our business partners, we thank you.