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Keepsakes Intro The Next Big Think

What is The Keepsakes Movement?

Find Connection In Consumption

It is a movement who’s vision is to create greater awareness of the way we consume. There is a paradigm shift happening in the world that is making us aware of our habits and the impact that they have on the environment. We talk about our environmental ‘footprint’, but we can leave a lasting legacy with our hearts. Keepsakes is about being aware of the energy, people and their stories that go into creating the objects we consume. It is about honoring them. It is in this honoring we find gratitude for all beings, and in this gratitude lay the seeds of happiness. For when we spare a moment to think about all the people and their lives it has taken for you to hold this greeting card in your hand, you will feel a sense of connection and it is difficult to feel unhappy when one feels connection.

Keepsakes-Movement - Spare a thought

The Life History Of Things

Keepsakes is about being aware of not only the ‘life cycle’ of an product but just as importantly for Keepsakes is it’s ‘life history’. We invite you to join us in simply becoming more aware of the energy, processes, people and their stories that go into creating something as simple as a greeting card you may hold in your hand and your innate connection to them.  We also ask you to take a moment to think of what will happen to that greeting card once you have enjoyed the sentiment and special words that someone has taken the time to write. What will you do with the card? Will you discard it in the bin? Recycle it? Repurpose it? You may want to keep your greeting cards – for they may form a record of your life that those that come after you may be able to look and read and get to know more about you in a personal heart felt way with all the words and wishes from those people who adored you then in any other way. Words have a way of connecting us all, and those children who come after you may very well learn something about themselves through having known  you. ‘Know thyself’ is a lot easier when one knows where one came from and where they have got those little quirky habits from.


Goods That Do Good

Whenever you see the Keepsakes logo or Keepsakes Key pause to contemplate the energy and thought and the many different stories and lives of people that have played some part in it. It is also a reminder to be aware of your habits of consumption. We all have a responsibility, we are stewards of the earth for the next generation, and it begins by shifting our thoughts of mass consumption of using our ‘disposable income’ not on ‘disposable goods’ but goods that do good, that create and enhance the meaning and happiness we experience in our lives.


Thoughts Contain Precious Energy

The Keepsakes logo is a symbol to remind us of the energy contained in the greeting card or book that began with a thought. Thoughts are powerful. When you pick up a greeting card and give it to someone, you are giving them energy. Happiness is an energy that we feel, and when we give or receive good thoughts from others we create a happiness that is felt by all. Cards are a unique gift that should be treasured keepsakes. Don’t dispose of your Keepsakes card, they are meant to be kept. Once in a while take a look at the card, and you will feel the energy of the time that the card was given come flooding back to you in the form of fond memories.

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