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Karl and Renee

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Karl and Renee are an incredibly positive couple who run a gift shop supplying our greeting cards to their customers. I have known them for a number of years having been asked to design the refurbishment to their premises to make it look fresh and new. They were very happy with their new look shop and our paths would meet up again when we contacted them when we decided to create our very first giftbook if they would tell us who were some of their suppliers that they used. They were more than happy to put us into contact with Annie our now giftbook distributor, and as they say, the rest is history.

Karl and Renee are the quintessential HEARTists. Everything they do they do with great heart and passion. They live life as if it were a work of HEART. Whenever I walk into their store I am always greeted with a big warm smile and complimented on how well I am looking and I am positive everyone who walks into their store is similarly warmly welcome. They have big hearts which they share openly with all those that they know and don’t know. It’s impossible to walk into their store and not leave feeling well looked after and special. It’s impossible to leave their store without taking with you a smile free of charge.

We are very blessed to have Karl and Renee and their positive energy in our lives and in our greeting cards. In fact, I’m quite sure that when you open one of our greeting cards you will be able to see the rays of sunshine burst forth and feel the warmth of all those whose energy fills our greeting cards. You will understand what it is when when we refer to each of our greeting cards as a ‘work of HEART’.