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Jeeva is our partner in the business but he is also a lot more than that. If we had one word to describe him it would be ‘extraordinary’. Everything he says and does contains potential for great things. In his own life Jeeva has achieved much and he has proven to be our greatest mentor. We call him ‘The MENTORist’, for through his guidance, encouragement and support he help us dare dream a bigger world out there and to know that the most difficult part in making your dreams come true isn’t the doing but the thinking. Thinking is something that people do too much of but not necessarily the right kind of thinking. Thinking can mean thinking outside of the box, but without nurturing empowering thoughts coupled by a structure or plan, thinking outside of the square or coming up with ideas can lead to a lot of daydreaming and not much focused execution.

We have so much to be grateful for with Jeeva. With his many years experience in the advertising business and wealth of knowledge having worked for many well known brands, we know we are in excellent company. Jeeva has a special talent of pushing ideas further from turning the ordinary into the EXTRaordinary. It is this ‘EXTRAness’ or EXTRA quality that you will feel in our greeting cards and giftbooks. A lot of thought has gone into every detail of our products so that you may be touched and inspired. Next time you pick up one of our greeting cards or giftbooks, you may very well feel the thought that has gone into them, you may just feel that little bit ‘EXTRA’ which is far beyond the ordinary.