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Harvey works for the printing company who manufactures our greeting cards. He is ‘The MANifestor’ because if we want to turn an idea into reality Harvey is the ‘The Man’ to make things happen. From advising us on paper stock when we want to do something out of the ordinary to technical advice Harvey’s help has been invaluable.

Harvey is the mecahnic – he doesn’t say it can’t be done but tells us HOW it CAN be done. He turns our vision into objects of beauty and inspiration that we are proud to share with others. Part of being a doer is having the organisational skills and patience to make things happen. From the start to finish Harvey consistently proves to us that he’s ‘The Man’. His attention to detail and keeping to sometimes unrealistic timelines ensures that his title is well deserved.

So next time you caress one of our greeting cards and feel its texture, or you appreciate the beautiful colours of the rich vegetable based inks spare a thought for Harvey ‘The Man’ who brings our vision and inspirations to life.