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The Next Big Think Happiness

Why is it in a world where we have so much, where the standard of living in the West has increased many fold compared to even 100 years ago, in a world where we have more food, more affluence, that many of us experience stress, anxiety and unhappiness in our lives? With such scientific and technological advances that see us living longer and living more productive lives why is it that the same scientific and technological advances have not cured us of unhappiness? Could it be that we are not taught to be happy? In a world that seems to spin faster and faster, where we are overwhelmed with information, we still haven’t mastered happiness.

For all our intellect, we are nonetheless social animals, and one of the key things that separates us from other creatures is our ability to think the way we do which can have the effect of also making us feel isolated. It is as if we need to be taught a way to think that empowers us and gives us a sense of well-being. Happiness isn’t something we are taught at school. Nor is it something that we necessarily are taught at home. We get clues of what happiness may be and how to be happy as children by looking around at our environment – the people around us. As children we are sponges and often our role models aren’t the best people to pick up the clues to understand what happiness is.

Part of our vision at The Next Big Think is to be able to provide information and tools to help others find the happiness that is within them now. We do this through our inspirational products. But our great vision is to provide the tools to help others realise happy and fulfilling lives.