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The Next Big Think Giving

If ever there was a silver bullet for creating happiness in your life and that of the life of others it would simply be giving. At the core of our business is the notion of giving. It is part of our values, our vision. For we know that the more we give, the more joy we create in our world. This only feeds our passion and gives us the energy when we have our challenges to keep moving forward in the vision we have for our company and the web of people we create around us.

Giving is mightily satisfying for the soul. I know that YOU give on a regular basis. Giving a small gift with a personal message for instance helps the person that you give it to know that others think and care about them. It also has the added effect of making you feel good that the other person feels good for you spending the time to think about them. On top of that it helps to strengthen the bonds, the relationships we have with others. The size of our happiness one can say is equal to the quality (not quantity) of the relationships we nurture and maintain with others. At The Next Big Think we have a word for the network of happiness in a person’s life, it’s their ‘happynets’. Giving one of our giftbooks is but one way to ensure that your ‘happynets’ are well maintained.