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Giving Thought


Have you ever thought about someone and gave them a call out of the blue? Sometimes, when we are in tune, that person was thinking o you or knew that it was you when they picked up the phone. When we are relaxed and we think of others, being in tune is actually using our in-built intuition.

Giving a thought for others can create a real sense of joy in your life and that who receives your thought. Greeting cards and gifts are a great way to express your thoughts, especially if you don’t always have the right words to express what you feel. But never underestimate the power of genuine concern to express how you feel. Sometimes just being there for a person and sitting quietly with them is enough. Other times to simply listen to them can be powerful. There is no right and wrong in giving as long as it comes from the heart.

Giving thought is an incredible way to feel good. Take a moment and simply hold a greeting card in your hand. Now think about the person that gave you the greeting card and the thought and love they put into it so that you may enjoy it. Now think about the wonderful times you spent together. As the memories come flooding back it can give us energy and put a smile on our face.

You may also want to think about the people who you have never met who were instrumental in the process of ensuring that this card is in your hands. They may live in different neighbourhoods, or different parts of the country or the world, they me different ages, they may speak different languages and belong to different cultures, but they in essence want the things that you want, and they have their own story. In Keepsakes, you can learn about some of the stories behind our greeting cards and gift books. It is when we begin see these people and connections that we can feel a sense of connection with the world. When we feel accepted we experience a sense of belonging. Again, this acknowledgement, this giving a thought for others can give to you a sense of joy and happiness. When we give thought to others, on another level we are actually giving thanks to them.

Experiencing happiness now may be easier than you think, actually, to experience happiness in this moment can be as simple as giving thought to others.