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Giving Thanks


Do you ever stop for a moment each day or even once in a while and simply sit still and think about just how lucky you are? Do you think how incredible it is to live where you do, about those people around you, your family and friends and work colleagues, the food you eat and the life you live? When we give thanks for all that we are and have in our lives we are in essence ‘giving thought’.

Thoughts are powerful. Thoughts are energy. If you don’t believe me. Think happy thoughts for a moment. Think about a moment when you were bursting with happiness. Are you beginning to feel a little of that energy inside you now. Has your body softened and the tension started to lift? Have the corners of your mouth begun to rise into what may look like a smile? How do you feel? Has your emotional state changed in some way? I’m sure it has shifted. Emotion, is literally, ‘energy in motion’ and the way to shift your emotion is through the thoughts you hold onto and the ones you let go of.

Happy thoughts lead to happy ‘ness’. So when you take a moment to be grateful for all around you may feel full of ‘greatness’. Imagine you could spend a moment every day and give thanks to all that you have in your life right now. This one habit alone if continued on a regular basis can change your whole life. You see one’s attitude is governed by one’s values and beliefs, which are nothing more than thoughts. If you can be grateful for all that is in your life now, even those challenges you face, you will begin to feel great, for you will have a new attitude of greatness – gratitude.

What often happens when we adopt an attitude of greatness is that great things are attracted to us. Some call it luck. We call it grace. Grace is simply being in a frame of mind that attracts great things to you.

Giving thanks has a way of opening ourselves up to the beauty in the world. We begin to notice the beauty in places which were always right in front of us but we failed to see before because we may have been too busy in other thoughts. You may begin to smile on a rainy day, and notice the fresh green grass afew days later, or that fresh smell in the air. You may smile at the quirky habits of your husband that may have previously annoyed you and look into his eyes and give him a big hug.

Giving thanks beyond a thought may be as simple as saying thank you to others, maybe looking in their eyes and seeing the beauty in another person. Giving thanks may simply mean acknowledging one of your work mates for a job well done, or sending someone a greeting card to express how grateful you are for having them in your life. You decide how you want to give thanks, there are many ways, simply remember to give thanks daily in some way, shape or form and begin to see the beauty and miracles in your life appear.