Trees planted in Madagascar to date: 115,163

Giving Back


Giving back is a funny expression if you think about it. Because often those we give back to are not always those that have given to you directly to begin with. If we want to take the phrase literally, ‘giving back’ ,  ‘back’ not only meaning ‘to return’ but also back as in ‘our back’, that is the part of our body that supports us, what we are saying is that we give others ‘support’. It is funny we have the expression, ‘I’d give the shirt off my back to help them’ , why isn’t our trousers? It’s because a shirt keeps the core of our body warm and protected and we are willing to feel slight discomfort to help others.

In our business we believe in ‘giving back’. We understand that everyone that we work with, be it the supplier of printing stock, the printer, the truck driver, the distributor, the web designer, and so on, gives to us. We are all connected by a web of giving. Obviously there is an exchange of symbolic energy which involves us paying them for their services through money or currency. There is a constant flow of energy happening and we believe it is important to continue this flow in a sustainable way.

We give back on a daily basis with the thoughts and interactions that we have with everyone involved in our business, again from the printer, distributor, freight forwarder, retailer, and even the end consumer.

We invest in Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper which contributes to the conservation, responsible management, and community level benefits for people living near the forests that provide the paper. Additionally, a percentage of the profit of our products help fund the planting of trees in Madagascar and giving an income to poverty stricken communities. Along the whole cycle we give back as we understand that everything is interconnected.

Simply by buying our products you are giving back and becoming part of this intricate web of connections. By giving ‘back’ or support to us you help us to also give ‘back’ or support to others. How wonderful is that?

Think in your life how you give ‘back’. I am sure there are many ways. There is a deep sense of satisfaction one gets when we give support to others that we know and even more when we give to others we don’t know or have never met.