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Our Giftbook series

Our giftbooks are inspiring, soothing and thought provoking and you will no doubt find a title that is perfect for just about any occasion. Our giftbooks see those that receive them smiling. They are dearly treasured and become keepsakes that we pick up again and again to read in moments in our lives when we need to those certain special words to help us through. Below you will find information on our giftbook series and under the Giftbooks menu you will find our latest Catalogue.


The Little Books greeting book series

The Little Book series

This series has proven perennial favourites with many becoming best-sellers. These little books can be given for just about any occasion and contain beautiful inspiring quotes complimented by stunning images of animals. The uplifting words that they contain speak to those who receive this unique gift when they need to hear them the most. Currently there are 12 titles in the series. Click here to view all titles in our Catalogue.



Life's Little Gems greeting book series
Life’s Little Gems series

There are moments in life when hearing the right words at the right time can make all the difference. These books contain simple truths and inspirational wisdom. Life’s Little Gems are to be treasured, shared and lived.

Our Miracles title has been used by a hospital to help patients and their families cope with terminal illness. These books bring hope and comfort to help cope with life’s challenges.

Currently there are 2 titles in the series. Click here to view all titles in our Catalogue.

Sleeping Cuties greeting book series

Sleeping Cuties series

Through the wisdom of cats and dogs, this series is about slowing down and taking the time to smell the catnip. In our busy lives we are all rushing to get somewhere yet we miss out on truly recognising the every day moments that make the journey so special. These books make the perfect gift to remind those around us, or possibly ourselves, to slow down and enjoy the perfection that is meow, we mean, now. Currently there are 2 titles in the series. Click here to view all titles in our Catalogue.


You Are Beautiful greeting book series

Life Is Beautiful series

We are excited to launch our brand new series this year entitled ‘Life Is Beautiful’. This series of books will help to connect people in an even deeper and heart felt way. The first book in the series to be released in 2014 is ‘You Are Beautiful’ and is targeted at women of all ages. It will contain heart-felt and inspiring quotes about beauty, quotes that will help women to see their inherent beauty and celebrate it. Every women was once a little girl, and this book contains images of little girls to remind us just how innocent and care free many young girls are. Many little girls like to dress up and put on make up and wear high heels and pretend that they are movie stars or pop singers. They exude an air of healthy confidence. Then something happens and often the journey of self-doubt begins. This book is to remind women just how beautiful they really are. This is the first title in the series. Click here to view this title in our  Catalogue.


The Happiest Moments greeting book series

Moments series

2014 also sees the release of a brand new series, our ‘Moments’ series. Each year our lives seem to step up a notch as we rush around to keep up with life. The first book in this new series is called: The Happiest Moments Are Often Those Right In Front Of Us Now. Last year social media and the online community were talking about FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out, where we feel that by making decisions to do certain things we miss out on doing other things. This is highlighted on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter where what others are up to is broadcasted to their friends. There often is an uneasy feeling that by trading off doing one thing we may be missing out on something that could have been a better experience.

A new acronym has been coined by online blogger, Anil Dash, which is JOMO, or the Joy Of Missing Out. Rather than worrying what others are up to, JOMO is about being present to what is in front of you right now and in the process finding greater happiness and satisfaction in your life at this very moment rather than worrying what others are up to and having that underlying nagging feeling that something is missing in your life. This is the first title in the series. Click here to view this title in our Catalogue.