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Creature Comforts featured in latest Greetings & Gifts

Our Creature Comforts range distributed through TAG was launched at the Reed Gift Fair in Sydney last month and has already begun to make a splash. Our Siamese fighting fish card was featured in the What’s Hot Right Now Awards in the March/April 2012 edition of Greeting & Gifts.

This is a poignant card as we continue upon our incredible odyssey. The card reads:

To look back on life at times is a wonderful thing; it makes us realise just how far we’ve come.

It has been quite a journey and it has been an important reminder for us to reflect often. There are times along the journey when it feels like a fight just to get through the day. When we look at the road ahead, it may not always look as clear as we would prefer it to be, but looking back has a way of helping us put everything into perspective.

You may have heard the saying before,

‘ Q. How do you eat an elephant? ‘
‘ A. One bite at a time.’

Reflection lets us see the big chunk of the elephant we’ve chowed down on so far and how we ARE really capable in time of eating the rest of the elephant if we set our mind and jaw muscles to it!

Receiving an email from TAG’s marketing manager, Nicola Robinson, excitedly telling us that one of our Creature Comforts cards had been featured in G & G magazine was recognition for the hard work we and everyone involved has done to make the Creature Comforts brand a reality.

This comes on the back of the great news that our Creature Comforts range of greeting cards were TAG’s best sellers at the February Reed Gift Fair in Sydney.

It is with a warm heart that we send a big THANK YOU to everyone at TAG for all their hard work and support.


Creature Comforts greeting cards featured in latest Greetings & Gifts Magazine

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