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Corporate Gifts


Giftbooks Are The Solution You’re Looking For

We know your customers are integral to your business and they are important to you, but due to time constraints, connecting with them in impactful, individual and meaningful ways, gets put to the bottom of the pile of a never ending list of things you have to do. You want to make your customers feel special, but how when you are so busy and pushed for time. And how do you do this in a way that is super easy and won’t cost you the earth but will have your customers remember your company and what you did for them for many years to come?  What if we could help you do something for your customers that would have them rave about your company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and talk about it passionately to their friends and family?

Gifts That Will Have You Remembered

Stop wasting your marketing budget on promotional pens, tote bags, mouse pads, desktop calendars and wine for your customers.  They might be great for 5 seconds, but do they really remember your company once the wine has been drunk, the pens and tote bags have been thrown out.  How much impact are they really making on your customers? Are they making your customers feel special? Are they making you remembered long after they receive them? Do they rave about the pen you gave them on social media?  Possibly they might, but most likely not.  Unfortunately, us humans are bombarded with so many messages that we forget something almost instantaneously unless it is something exceptional.Well this is where we come in.

We Can Customise For You

We can provide your customers with personalised, impactful and meaningful gifts to suit your needs:
  • We can supply you with our bestselling giftbooks with attractive discounts for large volume orders
  • We can personally hand write the message of your choice if you wish, (or we can create tailor make a message for your company) if you prefer to write in each book for your customers. Whether it’s 10 or 10,000 we can do this for you if that is your desire.
  • We can also place a tag on each book with the person’s name on it (we have a choice of 6 tags you can choose from)
  • We can give you suggestions based on our expertise also if this makes things easier for you.
  • We can post the books out for you if you like or have the bulk order couriered to your company address for you.
  • We also do custom pages inside the book/s of your choice from our range of titles for orders of 3,000 copies or more of 1 title.  Such as we can place a page in the book wherever you wish with your company’s details, logo, message etc. – the choice is totally up to you. See image below
  • We are able to also custom make an entire book/s for you depending on what you would like to convey to your customers and what you would like to achieve.  If this option interests you, we simply require you complete a short one page questionnaire to help us determine what you are looking for. We are pretty darn creative, so don’t worry, we will never run out of ideas for a book concept tailored to just your company! We would provide a custom quotation based on your wants and needs for this option.
We can help you achieve your customer relationship goals in an easy, beautiful and impactful way.  Think of our giftbooks as your company’s perfect fleet of happy sales representatives that are always in front of your customers, on their desks, in their handbags, on their coffee table, making them smile. Contact us to see how we can help you enhance your business through gifts that make sense.