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Christmas Gifts To Help You Slow Down & Smell The Catnip

Pet Wisdom

Our pets can be our greatest teachers if we only slow down and observe them and our latest gift book range, Sleeping Cuties explores the wisdom that our feline friends and canine companions can impart on us to live happier more fulfilling lives – lives with greater presence and joy.

The Purrfect Christmas Gifts

Released just in time for the Christmas trade, Cat Napping: A Cat’s Guide to Slowing Down and Doggie Dreaming: A Dog’s Guide To Living In The Moment are sure to be winners and not just for cat and dog lovers.

Sleeping Cuties

Released just in time for Christmas, the first two titles feature adorable images of sleepy cats and dogs combined with words of furry wisdom to humans on how to live life.  As Heidi Cuschieri, c0-author of this brand new series explains, ‘More than any other year it seems that the economic down turn has really taken its toll on people, and these two titles are the perfect Christmas gifts to remind loved ones of what’s important, to slow down and literally smell the catnip.’

Gus, our feline model is the prefect example of how a lot can be achieved by doing very little.

Gus, our feline model is the prefect example of how a lot can be achieved by doing very little.

Canny Cats & Dreamy Dogs

‘For thousands of years cats and dogs have been our constant companions and they are great teachers if we simply slow down and observe them,’ continued Heidi. ‘Dogs can teach us to spend less time thinking and more time living in the present moment. Similarly, cats have it all figured out, they are masters of being able to get their way with little more effort than lifting a paw.’

Order Now For Christmas

Cat Napping and Doggie Dreaming are available to retailers now for Christmas through Wild Eagle Trading on 03 9562 0266 or visit their website at
Recommended retail price is $19.95.

Sleeping Cuties gift books

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