Trees planted in Madagascar to date: 115,163

You Are Beautiful by David and Heidi Cuschieri

Latest Gift Book ‘You Are Beautiful’ Featured In Australian Gift Guide

Check out our latest gift book, You Are Beautiful, as featured in the Australian Gift Guide. You Are beautiful is the first book in our brand new series, Life Is beautiful. The series is a celebration of humanity and what it is to be human. Through the eyes of little…

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Sleeping Cuties Featured In Greetings & Gifts

Check out the November/December 2013 issue of Greetings and Gifts magazine and you will find our latest gift book series, Sleeping Cuties featured in there. There are two titles in the series: Cat Napping: A Cat’s Guide To Slowing Down and Doggie Dreaming: A Dog’s Guide To Living In The…

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Christmas Gifts To Help You Slow Down & Smell The Catnip

Pet Wisdom Our pets can be our greatest teachers if we only slow down and observe them and our latest gift book range, Sleeping Cuties explores the wisdom that our feline friends and canine companions can impart on us to live happier more fulfilling lives – lives with greater presence…

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