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Thoughtfulls exquisite range of inspirational greeting cards for men and women

Bring out your Inner Goddess

If you would like to get in touch with your inner god or goddess why not stroll down to Inner Goddess Homewares, Clothing and Gifts. Here you will find our new range of Thoughtfulls™ greeting cards on display amongst the Alladin’s cave of treasures.

The Thoughtfulls™ range includes inspirational and heart-felt cards from Life’s Little Gems and Words That Say series, together with our two new ranges of Cards For Men™ – the Grain series which are inspirational mens cards and the You’ve Got Male series which are witty cards that appeal to women who buy these cards for men.

In Between Moments:
The Life’s Little Gems cards are for those moments that when you want to comfort or encourage a friend – they are cards for the ‘in-between’ moments, that is the moments in-between the birthdays and Christmases and Mother’s Days. In fact, it is these in-between moments that make up what we call ‘life’.

Words That Have Meaning:
Words That Say greeting cards are a range of cards that you give when you may not always have the right words. They are not sweet and sappy, on the contrary, they are deep and meaningful. They are the cards that you give when you really want to tell someone how much they really mean to you.

Against The Grain:
The Grain series from Cards For Men™ are cards that go against the grain of fashion –  you won’t find any old fashioned sailing boat, golf clubs or a pair of breasts in these cards. They are for women who have a deep respect for the men in their lives. The sentiments within are short yet deeply touching. We have had women shed a tear as they think of the men in their lives.

Bringing Together Through Humour:
The You’ve Got Male cards celebrate the differences between males and females that we can all relate to. They are relationship cards and remind us of the inherent differences between the sexes yet through humour they unite us.

The Thoughfulls™ range is a 48 pocket floor spinner with a combination of 12 selected cards from each of the four series mentioned. This range of greeting cards is for retailers who’s customers want to enhance the relationships that they have to those close to them – these cards emphasize that giving a greeting card isn’t an obligation but a way to build and enhance these special relationships in our lives. Bring out your inner goddess by giving Thoughfulls.

The Inner Goddess:
Beth, the owner of Inner Goddess was herself a goddess. I popped into her store and met her when she was in the middle of dealing with a number of issues that have all came at once, yet her poise and relaxed nature saw her deal with everything. She had just come back from Burma and it was interesting to speak with a fellow avid traveller. Her energy was contagious and I left her shop feeling radiant. Walking into Inner Goddess is much like travel – you could easily be mistaken that you are walking through a bazaar in Istanbul or Marrakesh. Immediately as you enter the shop the smell of incense, the colours and the music draw you in to explore the crowded alleyways and discover treasures.

Inner Goddess is a treasure in the heart of the Gold Coast waiting for you to explore.

Thoughtfulls exquisite range of inspirational greeting cards for men and women now on the Gold Coast.


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