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Australia’s Cutest Greeting Card

Our cute grey blissful kitten greeting card from the Creature Comforts range has officially been voted Australia’s Cutest Greeting Card. The announcement was made earlier this week by Wild Cards and Gifts, a gift and greeting card retail franchise with 45 stores Australia wide, who ran the competition where their customers voted with their mouse.

We would like to thank everyone who voted for their support and to Wild Cards and Gifts who had narrowed down the selection prior to the voting.

Creature Comforts celebrates life’s moments and the comfort a kind thought can give to others.

If you would like to stock Australia’s Cutest Card together with our entire inspirational Creature Comforts greeting cards range please contact our distributors The Aird Group.

Creature Comforts Greeting Cards

Image from Wild Cards and Gifts Facebook page announcing the winners of Australia’s Cutest Cards.


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