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Annie is our giftbook distributor and we call her ‘Hurricane Annie’ as she is larger than life. Her passion and excitement is a like a whirlwind. It is difficult not to be caught up in the hurricane of exuberance and energy that is Annie. Annie is the one who deeply understands our vision to inspire others which makes her the perfect conduit to get our giftbooks into gift shops all around Australia.

We were privileged to connect with Annie in late 2009 as she was at the airport about to board a flight up to Port Douglas for her annual holiday. One could say that we had caught her on the phone at the right place at the right time, as being a hurricane, its impossible to pin her down. We briefly spoke to her about our big idea for our first giftbook, and we were taken aback by her immediate support and belief in the idea. From that moment on, Annie’s passion for what we stand for has helped propel us forward. There have been times where we have spent with Annie where we have caught up for a lunch to discuss our future plans. After many bottles of wines and after 6 or 7 hours had passed it had turned into a lively party – with Hurricane Annie its impossible to stay directly on course for how can you control the path of a hurricane.

Heidi and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives and the lives of the things of beauty and inspiration that we co-create. As we write about Annie it is with a warm smile, for her energy is infectious. Annie always seems to be in a hurry not to get anywhere in particular but to transform the ideas and possibilities swirling around in the vortex that is her mind into something – she is the hurricane of supreme creation. Spend a few minutes in a room with her and you will understand what we mean. So next time you hold one of our giftbooks in your hands you may just feel the energy that is inside it, and maybe you too will begin to smile.