Trees planted in Madagascar to date: 115,163

About Us


We are an innovative, socially and environmentally responsible company who’s vision is to connect people in meaningful ways through our products, information and awareness.  We create products that appeal not only to your senses but to the part of us that is most important – our heart.  Everything we do, we do with heart.  Our vision is to increase the happiness in the lives of many.  We aim to do this by: Inspiring and educating people to what we believe happiness is and how they can be happy more consistently, through our online School Of Happiness, through our giving to charities that help to increase the standard of living of people in developing countries and help them to preserve and improve their environment.

People have asked us what it is that we do. It is a difficult question to answer as we may be a publisher of giftbooks. But that isn’t all we are. We provide these products for the ‘gift market’, but we are much more than sellers of ‘gift products’. We provide tools, through the words of inspiration in our giftbooks, the information we hope to provide through The School of Happiness, and the ideas we express through Keepsakes, in order to help others express their feelings and create more happiness in the lives of others but we are not psychologists or social workers. The long and the short the answer is that we are ‘givers’.


The question we ask continually is WHY? As children we have an innate fascination to question everything around us and an innocence that challenges the way things have always been done. At The Next Big Think we believe it is this child-like fascination, this always asking WHY?, that has seen us grow rapidly into a company that has made the gift market sit up and take notice. We create products that have veterans in the industry smile that something fresh and truly different has arrived. We have our horizons set internationally to become a world wide brand known for innovation, freshness and creating a new way of looking at the world.


As part of our commitment to creating a sustainable future, all of our giftbooks are printed using Earth friendly soy and vegetable inks on FSC certified paper. FSC certified paper ensures that every time you purchase one of our giftbooks you help contribute to conservation, responsible management, and community level benefits for people near the forests that provide the paper.  As a company who uses paper in their products, we are acutely aware of having a minimal impact on the environment and know that this is important to our partners and customers alike.

The Story of Things

The sheer fact of producing an object has an impact – but we believe it is up to us all to think more carefully about how we consume. Every product has a life cycle and a life history. Throughout the entire manufacturing process to the way that the end user interacts with our product, we aim to take a conscious and responsible role.  Our brands are about honoring the story of things – the energy, people and places that go into creating them and those who interact with them.

Giving Back

Part of the rich history of our products involves our commitment to helping support the protection of the Earth’s unique flora and fauna, and a percentage of each of our giftbooks goes to the reforestation of dry deciduous forests and mangrove systems in Madagascar. It is the fourth largest island in the world and is biologically regarded as one of the richest areas on Earth – with over 80% of species found nowhere else including all of the world’s lemurs, most of which are critically endangered. Approximately 90% of all Madagascar’s forests have been destroyed and it is up to us to preserve and help regenerate this incredible almost fairy tale island. By purchasing our products you are also helping to provide ongoing employment to villagers thus breaking their cycle of poverty brought about by environmental destruction. Making a difference one thought, one giftbook at a time.